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          41. Competition, formerly between individual firms, is now mainly between nations, and is therefore conducted by methods quite different from those formulated by the classical economists.?(3)


          42. We may say, therefore, speaking very generally, that men have used the increased productivity which they owe to science for three chief purposes in succession: first, to increase the population; then, to raise the standard of comfort; and, finally, to provide more energy to war.?


          43. Web browsers! Interactive software! There?s a lot of new technology talk going on in public relations these days, and it?s coming from a variety of sources.?


          44. The foundations of good public relations remain the same: anticipating and meeting the needs of clients and the media, and providing informed and useful counsel.?


          45. The delivery system is part of the message and contributes to the overall image, so the practitioner should consider how that system affects the client, the product, and the audiences.?


          46. In the last presidential election, more than one candidate had problems with their personal web-pages because webmasters were not kept up to date on changes in campaign strategy and messages.?


          47. They believe that those regulations, which exclude most poor husband and wife families from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) assistance grants, contribute to the problem of family dissolution.


          48. The third type is the unhappily married couple, who remain together out of a sense of economic responsibility for their children, because of the high costs of separation, or because of the consumption benefits of marriage.?


          49. Much of the variation in marital stability across income classes can be explained by the variation in costs of dissolution imposed by society, such as division of property, and child support.?


          50. To the extent that welfare is a form of government?subsidized AFDC payments, it reduces the costs of separation and guarantees a minimal standard of living for wife and children.?

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